Qualifications Recognition, Verification and Equation

The Process of Qualifications Recognition and Verification

  • Lodging an application

Any person may lodge an application to have their qualification(s) evaluated by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Applications must be made on the approved application form and must be completed fully, correctly and legibly.

The NCHE will process full applications only. If any information is lacking, or does not comply with the requirements in the application form and as stated below, the evaluation process will not be activated and additional information will be requested.

  • Forged documents

If forged, altered or falsified documents are submitted, an evaluation will not be processed. The NCHE then reserves the right to share the information with institutions and government agencies as appropriate.

  • Timelines for applications
  1. Applications are ordinarily processed within 21 working days.
  2. Urgent applications may be processed within 10 working days.

Due to various factors beyond the control of the NCHE, it is possible that the timelines may be exceeded for some applicants. Clients should therefore take cognizance of the possibility of delays before lodging an application. In the event of an extra-ordinary circumstance causing considerable delay, clients will be informed. The NCHE, however, will do everything within its powers to make results available within the relevant timeline, or as promptly as possible.

  • Evaluation results

An evaluation report will only be issued to the applicant. A certified copy of the Evaluation Report may be issued to another party if specifically requested and paid for by the applicant.

Evaluation results will be made available according to the applicant’s instruction, by mail or personal collection. Evaluation reports will under no circumstances be faxed or e-mailed.

  • Charges
  1. Normal processing
    1. Locals: MK 75,000
    2. Foreigners: US$ 150
  2. Express processing: K112,500
    1. Locals: MK 112,500
    2. Foreigners: US$ 225

 Requirements for Doctorate qualifications verification

The following documents are required for Doctorate certificate Recognition, Equation or Verification:

  1. Doctorate certificates with transcripts
  2. Doctorate thesis
  3. And all master’s degree verification documents mentioned below
  • Requirements for Master’s Degree verification

Applicant needs to submit the following documents for Master’s degree Recognition, Equation or Verification:

  1. Master’s Degree certificate with transcripts
  2. Master’s Degree thesis
  3. Bachelor’s Degree certificate or its equivalent
  • Postgraduate diploma verification requirements

The following documents are required for postgraduate diploma qualification verification:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma certificate with transcripts
  2. Diploma certificates or its equivalent
  3. Bachelor’s Degree certificates or its equivalent
  • Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree certification verification

The following documents are needed:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree certificates or its equivalent
  2. Bachelor’s Degree transcripts
  • Requirements for Diploma Certificate Equation

The following documents are required:

  1. Diploma certificates and transcripts
  2. Secondary school level certificate or its equivalent
  • Process for qualification recognition, equation or verification

The process includes verifying whether the qualification is:

  1. Registered on the HEQF;
  2. Offered by a registered and accredited institution; and
  3. Lawfully obtained

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