NCHE signs milestone MOU with TEVETA to promote quality standards in tertiary education and training in Malawi

NCHE signs milestone MOU with TEVETA to promote quality standards in tertiary education and training in Malawi

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA) on August 2, 2023, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The purpose of the MoU is to collaborate in the regulation of tertiary education, training provision and attainment of relevant qualifications by learners in line with the mandates of the two institutions.

The agreement will lead to NCHE and TEVETA developing and implementing accreditation frameworks for higher education institutions to ensure both traditional universities and technical colleges meet rigorous quality standards.

The MoU will encompass evaluating the curriculum, faculty qualifications, facilities, student support services and other essential elements that contribute to the overall educational experience.

The collaboration will also ensure that graduates from higher education institution are equipped with the skills and competencies demanded by the job market, fostering a generation of skilled professionals capable of driving innovation and development across various sectors of Malawi’s economy.

Speaking after signing the MoU on behalf of NCHE, Council Chairperson Dr. Beatrice Mtimuni noted that the collaboration signifies a strategic partnership between NCHE and TEVETA, acknowledging that the two institutions’ missions are intertwined in fostering the future of higher education in Malawi.

“NCHE, as the regulatory body for higher education in Malawi, has been steadfast in its pursuit of academic excellence, promoting best practices and upholding the highest standards of quality across the sector. Similarly, TEVETA has played a crucial role in fostering technical and vocational education and training, equipping our youths with practical skills and competencies that are vital for our nation's development. By combining our strengths, expertise and resources, we aim to establish a robust system of quality assurance that will further elevate the standards of higher education in our country,” Dr. Mtimuni said.

TEVETA Board Chairperson, Mr. Don Whayo, expressed optimism that the MoU will significantly improve quality standards in universities and technical colleges.

“There is at times visible confusion among the public regarding the roles of the two institutions. This agreement will synergize TEVETA and NCHE’s regulation efforts, helping to clarify their respective roles and responsibilities while significantly improving quality standards within the tertiary education sector,” he said.

The MoU is set to run for three years and would be subject to renewal by both parties upon agreement.

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