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NCHE orients new Council

In the wake of the recent government appointments and subsequent gazetting of the new six-member Council for the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), the regulatory body for higher education recently conducted an orientation for the incoming Council.

The newly appointed six-member Council is poised to serve the NCHE for the next three years.

The composition of the new NCHE Council is as follows: Dr. Beatrice Mtimuni - Chairperson (Dr. Mtimuni retains this position, having served as Chairperson of the NCHE Council for the past three years); Reverend Father Dr. George Buleya - Vice Chairperson; Dr. Harry Gombachika - Member (who served as Vice Chairperson for the recent previous Council); Professor Henry Muloza Banda - Member; Dr. Grace Chiuye - Member; and Dr. Tinyade Kachika - Member.

During the orientation meeting, officials from the Ministry of Education and the Department of Statutory Corporations provided valuable insights to the Council on Government Policy Direction on Higher Education, Corporate Governance, Board Performance, and Human Resource Matters respectively.

The CEO and Directors from NCHE made presentations to orient the Council on various aspects including mandate, functions and powers of the Council; registration and accreditation of universities; quality standards and audits; NCHE Strategic Plan, Reforms and Public Universities Selection; staff establishment and Terms  and  Conditions of Service; overview of the NCHE Act; internal Audit among others.

Welcoming the new Council, NCHE Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ambumulire Phiri expressed her anticipation for the collaborative efforts ahead.

“These newly appointed members bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives to our Council, and we are confident that their contributions will enhance our ability to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in higher education," said Dr. Ambumulire Phiri, Chief Executive Officer for NCHE.

Chairperson of the Council, Dr. Beatrice Mtimuni, reiterated her commitment to the role, having served in the position for the past three years.

The National Council for Higher Education was established under the NCHE Act of 2011 with the mandate to regulate the higher education sub-sector. The Council assumes a crucial role in shaping policies, fostering coordination and collaboration within the sub-sector, and ensuring the continuous improvement of higher education standards nationwide.

Among the major functions of NCHE are the registration and accreditation of higher education institutions and programmes, quality assurance in the sector and harmonising the selection of candidates into public universities, among other responsibilities.

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